It’s funny how the word of the year was “change.” It was everywhere. It was plastered on everything. It was said 100,000,001 times.

I feel like I have to look back at the past few months and shake my head at some of the changes—both in the world and my own life.

Some of the changes have made me quite happy. Others have made me quite sad, and I will readily admit that I am not yet adjusted to some of the changes of my life. I don’t know that I ever will be. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but some things are a little more damaging than others. The positive in that is that there is growth. There has been a lot of growth in the past couple of months.

So, I set about one more change today. I told my boss that I will be leaving here in July or August. I really want to go back to teaching. I need something to re-engage my soul. Something about being in an office does not do that for me.

I know I will be happy teaching. Not because of the work so much as the interaction. I have realized that it is what fulfills me.

I think the greater accomplishment though in this change is deciding to not “fall victim” to circumstance. In other areas of my life, I cannot control the outcomes. There’s just no way. They involve other people. Or outside circumstances. Here, with my job, it only involves me. So, I’m taking a stand for myself. And moving forward….


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