Laughing Cousins & Desert Dreams

My aunt sent me a video this morning of my little cousin who has just learned to laugh! Learned? Or discovered? I suppose you discover how to laugh. His happy little face made my morning!

It’s been quite an “eventful” morning. I don’t even know if that’s the right word for work. But I arrived here and was happy to see that this 5-trailer mobile dental clinic had vacated our school playground last night as promised. I felt bad that the kids had no place to play! At the same time, coordinating efforts like that tends to take a toll. Volunteers galore! It was a great thing, but wow!

Beyond that, I’ve been correcting and changing all the promotional material for our fundraising dinner. I waited a day because I was just bracing myself for the possibility that I would come in to find a message that said we must change the date again. I was happy to find no such message, but that means work time!

And I’ve been very (im)patiently waiting to see if one of my co-workers can take some time off nexk to join us for this inauguration trip. I hope it works out!

By some stroke of luck and/or genius, Tanaya and I tried last night for our Spring training trip in March. We ended up getting a pretty steep discount on a decent hotel. We also bought tickets for the first game we’re going to that weekend. I’m really looking forward to some time out in the desert sun! We’ve decided to drive out to Phoenix, mostly out of sheer desire for the road trip. I think it will be a nice thing to do….

It seems that after this DC trip, I’m going to spend a great amount of time out in the desert. I would like to say it’s happened by accident, but I know myself and my subconscious desires far too well.

In the middle of February, we’re going to go camping/hiking in Joshua Tree. I’m looking forward to three days of no electricity. Sometimes I think “back to basics” is very necessary in life. The plus is we paid $30 for the campsite for the 3-day President’s weekend. I’ve put myself on a very tight budget, and I think key to me sticking to it is going to be not feeling like I’m giving anything up.

And the last journey to the desert will be at the end of March when I’m going to visit my aunt in Las Cruces. I’m hoping that we will spend some time in the Gila caves!

With all that has gone on, it doesn’t surprise me that I will be in the desert so frequently. It’s like my ground zero. Back to start. Refocus and regroup. I’m sure that at the end of March I’ll have a pretty clear picture of my direction. And hopefully, will be completely at peace with the changes of the last few months…and the coming changes!

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