Celery, Carrots, and Pomegranate Juice…Oh My!

Around 3 p.m. today I decided that I wanted a potato chip. Yup, just one.

About four weeks ago, I made an agreement with my mom that we would cut out junk food from our diets. At the very least from our snacking. So about four weeks ago, I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and tea. I stopped eating candy. I stopped eating potato chips. Soda has been reserved for my two trips to the desert and then only in moderation. I carry around a bottle of water that I “flavor” with a lime wedge.

Argh! Is all I have to say.

This is very hard for me. I’m not a dieter. It’s very hard for me to watch what I eat. I can’t even stay away from milk like I’m supposed to and then lo and behold I get a wretched sore throat and I instantly remember why milk is forbidden.

I have replaced sugar with fruit, and I eat it all day now.

Potato chips are the hardest because my mom suggested carrot sticks. Ick, was my exact response. Not that I hate carrots. I just don’t consider them to be in the same crunch category as potato chips.

I did my grocery shopping today between work and the gym (we also pledged to exercise 5 times a week), and I was genuinely tempted to get at least one little bag of some kind of chip. For whatever reason, I decided not to. I suppose I’m glad.

That’s not true. I am glad, especially since I just spoke to my mom and she’s managed to stay on track. I’d have hated to have been the one who messed up. One, because that would just be kind of mean. And two because I hate losing!

Onward, I say.

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