Exactly Where I Want to Be

Richard told Vince today that we were talking about how great my life is. I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic, but Vince replied, “She’s got a great one.”

I laughed, but out of acknowledgment that it is totally true.

I woke up this morning with a (surprise!) swollen throat and mouth. I think I consumed enough zinc today that it’s just about gone. Zinc and water. And oranges.

Out of the blue, I received an email from DH who asked if I would substitute for her while she’s on maternity leave. Of course, I will! Even greater was that I checked out the website for the school, and they have an opening for an English teacher.

And further out of the blue, MG arrived at my job delivering something for a coworker. She stopped in to ask me if I had heard anything from MHS. I haven’t, but she had something even better to tell me. She thinks she might be creating a job that would be perfect for me!


Just yesterday, I kind of outlined where I’m at for Tanaya.

I’m ready to make a move and a change. I do want to find a new “job,” but really I would like it to be freelance whatever it is! So these two things are great steps in the right direction.

Even crazier is that they both fit into the timeline I laid out.

I spent part of my evening in a parent meeting. Used to be that those were my least favorite things on the planet, but I thoroughly enjoyed it (which really just shows how much I miss teaching).

And the rest of the evening was with the confirmation class and their potluck. I love large groups of teenagers.So, it was a pretty life-giving night.

And after a fabulous 12-hour workday, I actually came home to do my portion of our promotional stuff for 643.

I was momentarily sidetracked by Road to Redemption, which finally aired the episode featuring Homeboy Industries, and, of course, made me sob. Three weeks in a row of crying over that show. This one was especially moving, probably because I have a closer tie to it.

Now back to my blogging….

At some point, sleep should be involved…


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