And then sleep.

What a nutty week!

I suppose that’s what happens when you’re ghost-chairing a fundraising dinner for 500. It’s so funny to me that these dinner have “chairs” whose name goes on the pretty little invitation, but somewhere deep in the background is a person like me who is juggling about 1200 balls in the air and pinning down every minute detail, all while trying to smile at every turn.

In addition to designing the invites, I probably hand-stuffed, stamped, sealed and addressed 800 of the 1700 we sent out this week. Thank God, for Alma and her ever so patient help!

Then, I spent almost two full days on the phone trying to sell program ads and sponsorships with pretty good success, if I do say so myself. All the while, I’m trying to arrange parking, security, insurance certificates, deposits, and itty bitty details like the size of the centerpiece vases and whether or not there should be a slide show.

To add to the insanity, I also have the privilege of designing and laying out the program.

You would think all that would be enough work for one person for one week, but sadly it was not. Youth council meetings, staff meetings and the umpteenth tour of Homeboy Industries were sprinkled throughout the week. I also got to present financial aid info to parents on Tuesday night and helped to umm “chaperone” a potluck dinner with 60 teenagers.

Somewhere in there, I managed to draft a very very rough draft of a grant application and send out a series of mass emails about the aforementioned dinner and board meetings.

All of that just for my day job. I spent three hours in a coffee shop on Wednesday night writing both for fun, I suppose you could call it, and for 643Ink. Plus, I running 2 miles three days this week and managing to sneak in grocery shopping yesterday.

So, it’s no wonder that I arrived home today with the full intention of getting in some NCAA basketball and instead slept for about an hour and a half.

I realized today that I haven’t spent a full day at home in 27 days. That’s pretty frightening. Not to say all of that has been work because some of it has been definitely fun. It’s just my apartment is showing the signs of very little care.

I had planned to try to take in the World Baseball Classic tomorrow evening, and that may still happen. But, I’m thinking that if tickets prices don’t dip enough, I might just be perfectly content with a game of Monopoly and a thorough cleaning of my apartment.

Maybe a walk.

And then sleep.


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