An Open Letter to T.J. Simers

The one part of baseball that Tanaya and I aren’t entirely thrilled about is the prospect of paying $15 a game for parking. Being the resourceful people that we are, we came up with a plan. The plan calls for a Dodger player to drop us off at home after the games. We figure that we can walk up the hill to get there, but walking back to my apartment through Echo Park just seems silly.

We’ve enlisted the help of Los Angeles Times reporter, TJ Simers. Here’s the email we’ve sent him:

Dear Mr. Simers,

We were very excited to purchase our mini-plan of 27 Dodger tickets this year. We sat down with calendars and computers open to make sure we picked all of the match-ups and dates we wanted. We saved money to be able to purchase these tickets and were so excited that we would be able to be at Dodger Stadium for a third of the games this year!

We are so disappointed to hear that the Dodger Trolley will not be continued this year, in essence doubling our investment from $7 a game each to $14.50 a game to include the parking we will now have to purchase. We are deeply disappointed that alternate transportation options are not being provided to fans, and we’re, in essence, being forced to spend $15 to drive in circles around Dodger Stadium.

Fortunately, we have come up with a solution, and we need your help! We came up with an idea yesterday, and we think that you’re the perfect person to help us out.

We propose having a rotation of players who can take us home after the games. We live within 2 miles of the stadium, and it wouldn’t take anyone out of their way more than 10 minutes. Perhaps, this can be part of Manny’s community service? In exchange, we would offer pleasant conversation and our fan-ship. We hope that you can help us to find a player and arrange this plan.

Thank you for your help in this matter!

I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t print it just as a joke. It seemed like it would fit right in with his column.

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