Lucky 27 (Part 1)

I have never actively sought out to celebrate my birthday. I really don’t know why. I love that I share my birthday with my youngest brother, Ruben! So, I’m usually content to have a lovely chocolate cake with him and call it another successful year of life.

For some reason, I have decided that 27 is going to a lucky year. Don’t ask. I don’t know why. It has been repeatedly confirmed by random things. Like, my friend Cheryl telling me that 27 was the best year of her life. Who knows? The biggest sign for me though was that the Dodgers Opening Day landed squarely on my birthday. Fabulous!

So, to start. I received this awesome comic strip in the mail from my uncle:

Apparently, my use of Twitter left an impression.

Apparently, my use of Twitter left an impression.

My aunts and uncles, whom I visited in New Mexico last month, teased me mercilessly about Twitter and Facebook. Well, maybe not all of them. Both of my aunts are on Facebook, too!

Then, last night, I spent the evening with family and friends (and two random, weird guys). And got the whole candle in the ice cream and cookie deal, thanks to Jimmy.

The girls.

The girls.

The boys.

The boys.

And, for today, I’ve given myself an actual Saturday. I ran one quick errand this morning and went to the gym. I finally caught up on all the house cleaning I hadn’t done since I left for New Mexico (I know, I know that’s gross). I finished up my blog-to-book production for Blurb, which is my gift to myself! I watched the Angels play the Red Sox and I made myself a strong pot of coffee, drank two cups, and took an hour nap (yes, I’m terribly addicted!). Now, I’m having an iced coffee and watching the Sound of Music.


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