Dodgers (5-3) 11, Giants 1 [The Home Opener]

Pre-baseball, this was a pretty awesome day. I loved the tribute they had to Vin Scully and the fact that he threw out the first pitch to Joe Torre. I also loved that he said “It’s time for Dodger baseball” on the PA. That’s a nice touch, and something the Dodgers should consider doing before the start of every game.

It was also very nice to see the players come out onto the field from the stands. I appreciate all of the young players on this team, and what seems to be genuine appreciation for their fans.

There’s something very, very magical about the start of the baseball season. The stadium just has an added element of beauty. And, it certainly didn’t hurt that it was an amazing game.

  • Two games in a row of decent pitching. I’m glad that Chad Billingsley now has a stellar 2.08 ERA. (I’m also trying to remember the last time I was looking at ERAs in April.
  • Orlando Hudson. Not much that I can say that’s not already been said. As Tanaya said, it’s so nice to have a second baseman you don’t feel compelled to boo.
  • Also awesome that all the players touched base!
  • I think the lineup is pretty strong. I still have a little fear about the pitching staff, but after Wolf’s start on Sunday and Billingsley’s in this game, I feel somewhat less nervous.
April 13

April 13


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