The Aerogarden

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I was obsessed with the Aerogarden long before I had one. I even get their monthly catalogues (which, when I told my mom, prompted her to say “I didn’t know it was that serious”).

I really do think it’s the coolest thing ever. One of the things that makes me a little sad about my apartment (apart from the fact that I can’t have a dog) is that there is no patio, let alone a backyard. When I first saw the Aerogarden on TV, I thought it would be the perfect solution.

So, it’s pretty low maintenance, which is awesome for me because I have a tendency to kill plants. You fill the reservoir with water and nutrient tablets, set the light timer, and drop in the seed pods. The coolest thing is that you put these little “biodomes” over each pod. (Yes, I’m way too excited about this.) The lights provide the seeds with 16 hours of artificial “daylight” every day and 8 hours of darkness. Fortunately, it can be over-ridden and the light hours can be customized. It’s pretty bright and would be slightly annoying if it had to be on during the night. The machine monitors the water level and alerts you when you need to refill it or add nutrients.

All in all, I absolutely love it, and it hasn’t even produced herbs yet!

My Aerogarden!

My Aerogarden!


  1. hey girl!! so i found your blog thru your facebook. this aerogarden thing sounds soo cool!!!! I really want one too but man, I live in a Swiss village so probably not possible for now. I’m interested to know how the plants will grow for you!

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