My Newest Project

A week ago, I thought it would be fun to list my favorite 100 songs of all time. And by fun, I mean a painstaking process of listing and re-listing and filtering and editing.

I’m choosing 100 songs that have meant something to my life in one way or another. You know, the songs that every time you hear them, remind you of something or someone or some moment. I bought myself multi-colored post-its for this project, and the wall above my computer is going to host these colorful tidbits of my life. The colors aren’t associated with the songs in any particular way. I just wanted them to be bright.

I had no problem listing the first 42 songs. I don’t really think I’ll have a problem reaching 100. Where I think the trouble will lie is in ranking them.

Song #1 is going to be easy. I don’t think you’d need a lot of clues on that one. Song #2 was also a given….

Then it gets a little messy.

Until then, I’m kind of happy to have these on the wall. Each one is like a snapshot of a pretty (or not so pretty) memory, but definitely a memory that has been an amazing part of my life….

The Wall

The Wall

Once they’re ranked, I may move this to another blog. Simply because at some point I’ll probably want it to be a book.


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