On sisterhood…

The best thing about being the oldest sister is that oldest sister does not equal parent. I get to do all the fun stuff. I get to be the one who says “go for it.” I get to be the one who doesn’t have to think about being responsible.

Basically, I have the easy job. All I have to do is love my little brothers, and because they’re so completely awesome, that’s not hard to do.

Last year, G started training to be a wrestler. I’ve been dying to see him perform for the past few months.

I’ve seen videos of him in the past few months as he’s started appearing in shows. I will admit that the video I saw last night literally made me cry because it looks like he gets hurt! Today, I showed up at his show and wore dark sunglasses to cover my eyes in case it really did make me cry in person.

Not only did I not cry, but at several moments I jumped out of my seat to cheer for him! I wanted so much to shout out encouragement, but I was afraid I’d slip and say his name. His wrestling name is Sindarin. He won the fight that I got to see so that made it all the more fun!

Of course,  I had my camera with me so I was able to catch his moment of victory….

Moment of Victory!

Moment of Victory!

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