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The Wall

The Wall

After much thought and careful consideration, I think I have them. The top 100. This is not so much a list of my favorite 100 songs. A lot of the songs would overlap, but this is a somewhat different list. This the 100 most influential songs in my life. All that means is that each and every one of these songs reminds me of a person, place or thing in my life. Some are very happy. Some are very sad. Some have been anthems. Some have been themes. Each and every one of them has been played ad nauseum (which must have kind of sucked before I lived alone!).

There are still a few outliers. Right now as I look up there are two songs on the outside ring that I would like to work into the Top 100.

It was an interesting experience. The first 20 songs were very easy. The middle 40 were a little strange because I really started to think about them and was slowed down. The last 50 or so just flew onto the wall. It’s been fun watching these as videos on Youtube, discussing them with my parents and jotting down songs everywhere I go.

My greatest fear is that I will leave something monumental off of the wall….

So, the next stage is to rank them. I think that will help me to see which ones will be expendable from the list all together. From there, I will probably start another blog, which will have simply 100 posts detailing what these songs mean to me.

Stay tuned…


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