Friday Morning

So, I didn’t take this picture this morning. I just woke up still thinking about these pictures. Well, that’s not entirely true. I woke up jolted from a walk in the desert–at least in my dreams. I was describing my trip last night, and I think I was just so overwhelmed with the memories that it was a likely progression into my dream world. Strange because I woke up feeling simultaneously more rested and more tired than I have all week.

I have forced myself to not become “lazy” during this time. My alarm clock is still set for a fabulous 6:15, which is awesome considering I don’t have to be anywhere until noon everyday. That coupled with a bed time that has ranged from 12 on the good side to 2 on the bad side, you could say that I’m still operating on a somewhat normal schedule for myself.

What can I say? I just really like seeing the sun rise. Or at the very least, being awake as I know it’s happening. The overcast mornings make it somewhat difficult to see the actual sunrise, but I’m hoping that will clear up soon enough.

In the mean time, I think I have found sufficient projects to occupy my time.

From this morning…

just playing a little /Jana Sosnowski

just playing a little /Jana Sosnowski


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