Sanskrit & Sleepovers

There are some people in my life who brim with such positive energy that I can’t help but feel a little more complete when I’m around them. I have started to realize that my desire for some sort of internal balance that I have not been able to name thus far is starting to be a sticking point.

This all started with imaginative meditation I did on a silent retreat now four years ago. It completely opened up this floodgate of desire to slow down and find balance. This retreat came after a spring of recurring dreams of the desert. It was almost violent in its effect at the time. I felt that I was genuinely being tortured with a mystery that I was not understanding.

When I realized that the desert was the manifestation of God in my life, everything started to fall into place.

I said that to Nicole on Thursday night. She’s the one of a few people who can call me up and request a sleepover, and I can respond with the excited-ness of a teenager who is being allowed to play with a friend till 2 a.m. She has such a beautiful spirit and energy about her that I can’t help but feed off of it when she’s around. Our conversation turned to God and spirituality as it often does. I told her about my trip to Sedona, and she told me about becoming a certified Reiki practitioner. That is the most perfect thing for her because I don’t think she even realizes that she always shares her energy with people.

The very next day, what was supposed to be a four-hour subsitution job turned into an 11-hour day that was remarkable in its own right. I have always been somewhat in awe of Danae. She has such an amazing presence about her. I love talking to her, and had such an amazing time talking to her about spirituality.

She introduced me to someone who is studying Sanskrit, and he gave us both exercises for meditation. For the first one we both sat under huge Styrofoam domes. I have to say that the energy around it was pretty amazing. It was instantly relaxing. What followed after was something Nicole had also brought up—Sanskrit. amen2

It was almost as thought the writing itself was healing. I have Greek, Hebrew and Sanskrit writings of the word “Amen” (that is “so be it”).

I was thinking today that the meditation over something as simple as “so be it” is incredibly powerful. It is completely giving into knowing that you cannot control anything in this life.

So simply, let it be.


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