"It wasn't just a bad game. It was a nightmare game."

Those were Vin Scully’s words as the Dodgers celebrated their victory on the field.

Perhaps it was a nightmare game for the New York Mets, but it was the most entertaining night ever for Tanaya and me. We went from positively angry in the 11th inning to laughing hysterically in the parking lot.

5 Errors. HA! I’m seriously still laughing about it now. The thing is the Dodgers had no business winning the game tonight. It was purely luck.

How does one, after all, MISS third base?? That’s precisely what happened to the Mets. The winning run was cancelled out in the top of the 11th because third base was MISSED.

And in the bottom of the inning? Orlando Hudson hit into a picture-perfect double play, except for the fact that the ball went clear to the backstop and the Dodgers scored the winning run.

Winning run....you can see the blur of the ball off to the right...

Winning run....you can see the blur of the ball off to the right...

For other oddities, the Mets played a 5-man infield, leaving two players  to wander the outfield.

5, count 'em 5, infielders....

5, count 'em 5, infielders....

For one of the better moments of our night, the entire cleaning staff of Dodger Stadium ended up right over us….

CIMG5031This season, overall, “feels” different. There’s a lot more energy. We have a lot more fun. I don’t think we’ve had so much in the line to get out of Dodger Stadium in a good 4 years…Nothing like hysterical laughter on a Monday night to warm the soul!

Picture 2


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