21-year-olds, Staph Infections, Joe Torre….and "Don't Stop Believing"

Last Sunday, I realized Clayton Kershaw would be pitching last night. I have to admit I was pretty much looking forward to it for the entire week. Minus the 30+ pitches he threw in the first inning, I wasn’t terribly disappointed. Oh, minus the 30+ pitches and this ridiculous diving stop he did to flip the ball to first base. All that after neglecting to direct traffic, presumably having Blake yell at him to get out of the way.

All that aside, some nights it’s so painfully clear that he’s 21. Ok, maybe that wasn’t an aside. It was more like “case in point.” I still hold that he is going to be an amazing pitcher in a year or two. Once he gets over what plagues his nerves in the first inning or so, when he throws an amazing amount of pitches and more likely than not, walks the bases loaded.

All in all, the losses don’t hurt as bad this year because I don’t see them as a catalyst for 12 more losses. With the best record in baseball, it’s more like “oh well.”

For one of the more interesting moments, this Jamie Hoffman kid comes up to the plate in the 6th inning and we learn that Xavier Paul has been place on the DL. Hmm….a staph infection, we learn. I only bring it up because I feel like it’s equally gross and random. I do feel bad for the kid. Making it to the major leagues and being forced to sit down with something like that.

Speaking of kids, the Dodgers’ new feature of first putting up the names of players who are under the age of 25 and then progressing to those under the age of 27 is pretty depressing. I don’t understand why 27 has to be cut off age!

Tanaya and I decided that we need to start corresponding with Joe Torre about this whole Manny situation. With Juan Pierre batting over .400, we just think it would be entirely unfair for Ramirez to be able to waltz back into the clubhouse in July and regain his position. I think Pierre deserves the spot at this point. More to come on that…..

And lastly, this “Don’t Stop Believing” thing is getting somewhat out of control. I admit that I only added to the cacophony by screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs, but it’s just so irritating that I wanted to prove a point. It’s not a baseball song. It’s depressing. And it reminds me of last year, which is also depressing. We have to yet to decide what a better alternative might be, but as soon as we do, we will definitely be writing to the Dodgers.

Everything’s always prettier on the Top Deck….the sky was stunning last night. Although this was taking from my phone, you can kind of get the idea…..



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