Creeped Out

Because I am currently in a creeped out state, I thought it would be an opportune time to list the things that geniunely creep me out. Some could possibly qualify as fears, but none are crippling so I don’t consider them to be in that category.

So here goes……

  1. Moths. Specifically ones that I had to lock in the solarium to keep from getting into my apartment. This is mostly Ruben’s fault. And, yes, I really did call my mom and ask her if she’d come kill it for me.
  2. The roots in the Aerogarden. They’re slimy and entangled. The thought of touching them to clean it out makes me a bit queasy.
  3. Open closets. In the dark, closets freak me out. That’s been something since childhood. When I brought it up a few weeks ago, my mom reminded me that I would call her into my bedroom every night as a child and ask her to make sure the closet was completely shut.
  4. Ghosts. They creep me out because I (1) believe they exist and (2) never want to feel one again. And yes, I said again.
  5. Blood. I don’t like the color. I don’t like the smell. I don’t like anything about it. On the rare occasions I have to interact with it, I can handle it during the moment. Later, light-headedness ensues. (This especially applies to vials of blood.)
  6. My Achilles’ tendon. Yea, it creeps me out. My biggest fear in life (and I’m not exaggerating on that one) is ripping it in two.

Ok that’s it.

On the positive side, there are many things that don’t creep me out or scare me. Primary among those right now are zip lines.


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