Dodger Things

I had that grand idea at the beginning of the season to write about each and every game. I’m sure that lasted about 2009060206004186996283 weeks or so. It’s hard to do without fresh material. Getting information from other sources just isn’t as much fun as it would be to be on the field asking actual questions. That’s not really the point of this blog though.

I enjoy Monday night games. Baseball fans. Lots and lots of baseball fans. The ability to meet someone who inevitably saw Sandy Koufax pitch or knows who Juan Marichal is or remembers Wilton Guerrero will be sitting next to you. Pleasant conversation will ensue, and really that’s what baseball is all about.

We met a very nice couple last night who is actually considering celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at the All-Star game (talk about a dream marriage!). They were both quite charming, and we loved the company and the stories.

We learned that the gentleman has celebrated most of his birthdays at Dodger Stadium (same for me!). And that he considers Kevin Brown to be one of those momentous signings that should have never happened. Carlos Perez. Jorge Piedra. Dusty Baker. All of these came up in conversation. He had the same opinion about Jeff Kent that I do, which was equally nice!

The Dodgers didn’t win last night. They made an effort in the bottom of the ninth, but came up just a bit short. You can’t really blame them considering they played in Chicago the night before and most of the starters were out there. We actually felt quite bad for Russell Martin. You could just see that he was totally out of it.

The good news is that Hiroki Kuroda came back and pitching a strong game. Without the use of Clayton Kershaw, I think he wil get to pitch on Thursday (or so I hear).

I also learned last night that my dear best friend would throw Kershaw under the bus for Kemp. That’s ok. I probably would too if push came to shove. Also, nice to learn last night that Kemp is not yet a multimillionaire.

And the best thing I learned last night? Kemp is not represented by Scott Boras. Nope. Dave Stewart. So, he might actually spend his career as a Dodger….

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