Dodgers 1 (37-18), D'backs 0

Oh. A pitching duel. A real-life, legitimate, run ’em and gun ’em pitching duel. Jeanne Zlasko commented repeatedly at how quickly Billingsley and Garland were pitching tonight. I wish I had been there!

I think it was good timing for Billingsley. His last start was a little shaky, and I would guess that confidence might have faltered just a bit. The team is clearly suffering from fatigue from the quick turnaround from Chicago back to Los Angeles so I’m happy to see that they have been able to win the last two in a row.

I’m equally thrilled that James Loney has played so well.

And it seems that the idea that Juan Pierre does, indeed, deserve a starting spot when Manny returns seems to be taking hold outside of my mind and my circle. I’m happy to hear that. Although, I never really doubted that Joe Torre has sense. I just like to complain about baseball.

We got into a discussion the other night  about “where are they now.” Apart from the obvious Roger Cedeno, I would also like to know what happened to Matt Luke.


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