on life. today.

The older I get, the better I understand that nothing makes sense. When I say that outloud, people my age laugh at me. Or they just politely stare as though they think I’m saying it just to make myself feel better. But older people tell me, wow you’ve figured that out already.

Oh yes, I have.

Like genuinely have. It’s not lip service. I was given an email reminder about a goal I had created three years ago. The reminder was to “learn not to worry so much.”

I literally laughed with glee when I opened it. I think for a long time, I actually thought I had control over the end result. Now I think, what’s the end. How can we know when it’s here? And seriously, what is a result?

I have goals. But I think of them as projects. I also think of them as fluid. Maybe they’re goals today. They may not be goals tomorrow. I don’t consider that a failure. It’s not a failure solely because I’m having a great time right now. I couldn’t ask for anything more from life.


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