Dodgers vs. Lakers

Yup, you read that correctly.

I’m a Laker fan. I don’t follow the Lakers as I do the Dodgers (at least not in the last 10 years), but that speaks more to my genuine love for the game of baseball. It also speaks to my brain because baseball is almost easier for me to keep up with as it is every single day, rather than played in some complicated manner that is difficult for me to remember.

I had planned to go watch Clayton Kershaw pitch, but somewhere around noon I remembered….the Lakers. Ooops. The good things is that the NBA Finals coincide with June baseball so it isn’t such an awful situation to miss baseball.

Steamroll. That was the outcome of the Laker game.

And my fear for the Dodgers came true. I have this fear that the Phillies are going to become a “thing” for the Dodgers. By the time I caught up with the Dodgers, Hamels had faced one more than the minimum. In the bottom of the eighth. Enter “the thing.”

From all commentary, it appears that Kershaw pitched well. Two runs in 5 1/3 innings is not horrible. It’s the pitch count, and I’m sorry to keep saying that. One hundred five pitches in 5 1/3 innnings. I sometimes wonder if he’s trying to blow out his arm before the age of 23. I think he has amazing velocity and amazing control when he’s in the zone, but it’s all those other times that I cringe. Not so much because he’s losing, but as I can see the damage this could do to a young pitcher.

A lot of the talk on the post-game show was about the offense. And while being shutout is not indicative of a great offense, I’m not really worried. I feel that the Dodgers have played “small” ball. Not to harp on Juan Pierre, but he’s done a great job getting on base and moving himself over. Hudson and Kemp both have averages over .300. I don’t really think there’s much more that could be asked for.

Not to mention, the Dodgers are 18 games over .500 and leading the Giants by eight games. It’s a Dodger fan’s dream.

And….Go Lakers!

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