McCourts' son drafted by Red Sox

“I don’t think Scott Boras would fit well into the family dynamics,” said McCourt, who will have to decide if he’d rather walk-on at Stanford. “I think I’ll let my dad represent me.”

McCourts’ son drafted by Red Sox | News.

Whatever he does, however his career goes, I will always be a fan of Gavin McCourt.

Good for him for recognizing that hooking up with Scott Boras would only end in some weird disaster like being traded to the Florida Marlins in the prime of your career. Or being advised to hold out for a ridiculous amount of money and length of time that will take you well into your 40s. Or just throw the entire pay scheme of Major League baseball into absolute havoc by negotiating a $200+ million contract, when really you’re not that good.

So, good for you, Gavin. Good for you.

P.S. For kicks, who are the three players I referred to in that second paragraph? Happy Friday, Dodger fans!


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