Dodgers 3 (41-22), Texas 1 ~ June 13

Once the lights came on, the Dodgers’ offense started to hit. And Matt Kemp, stuck in the bottom of the order and not thrilled about it, led the way.

After delay, Kemp powers Dodgers’ win | News

I wondered (out loud, of course) the other day what Kemp had done to be put in the seventh spot. Tanaya and I had a pretty lengthy discussion about it.

I’m just going on years of having some of the not-so-strong hitters batting in the 7th and 8th spots. You know, the ones that struggle to reach the Mendoza line, who hit 2 or 3 homeruns a year and who render the bottom of the lineup relatively useless (sorry!).

All of a sudden, Matt Kemp with his .300+ batting average and pre-season claims that he will be a 40-40, man this season are slotted at the bottom of the order. As always, who am I to question Joe Torre? It seems to be working thus far. It’s just one of those things that makes me wonder what the player’s reaction will be? Will he actually care? Then, I read this and see that yes, Kemp, is not thrilled about the situation but appears to be making the best of it even as he sinks even lower to the ninth spot with the American League requirement for a designated hitter.

At the same time, I look over the lineup and really where would he go? I don’t really think he’s a number 2 hitter. And the 3-6 slots are filled by guys who have been playing solidly.

Still, the most troubling stat form yesterday’s game is the 0-11 team batting with runners in scoring position.

Total side note: Pitching stats just get better and better! I love how they now note “Blown Save” next to the win or loss of the incoming pitcher.

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