My Life in a Twitter Shell

So, I was curious as to what one would learn about me or figure out about me by looking at one day’s worth of tweets from my Twitter account. I know this is redundant because it’s also streamed on the side of the blog, but it’s more for me than anything anyways.

Truthfully, it made me laugh to do this because it’s completely me in a nutshell. It involves sports, politics, souls, shamans, my brother, and a photograph. More specifically, you could probably tell I love the Dodgers and the Lakers, Matt Kemp, that I believe in health care, the importance of running away and that I spent some time today looking for a book and Laker merchandise. You can tell that I’ll probably be teaching and that I use my blackberry too much.

I’d say it’s me in a nutshell….

(I’ve replace my brother’s screenname with “mybrother” and my friend’s with “myfriend” simply because I didn’t know how’d they’d feel about being featured in my blog. Especially my brother…who I apparently feel the need to have entire conversations with via Twitter.)

1. @mybrother she didn’t like that idea either
2. for some reason, my mom wasn’t too thrilled about my idea to see a shaman….hmmm….
3. Whoa…suddenly feel like I’ve awakened from the dead. Wowwww
4. RT @dodgerthoughts: Matt Kemp achieves lofty bobblehead status: Mark your calendars, collectiblers. August 19 is the date of the Mat.. h …
5. @myfriend they should have one of a person twittering on their BB about to die 😉
6. Suddenly appreciating that the summer school program I’ll be teaching in has DEAR time.
7. Awesome. Just awesome.
8. Always travel in a crooked line because evil travels in straight lines.
9. Laker championship memorabilia has certainly inflated since the last time they won. Geesh.
10. RT @LATimessports: Manny Ramirez falls to sixth place in All-Star voting: The tally makes it unlikely that the Dodgers
11. @VIPTICKETS was it Tom Goodwin?
12. cayenne pepper + zinc = a huge disaster
13. @mybrother trying to get a camping trip organized
14. RT @nytimeskristof: Obama speech to AMA excellent. Pleads with doctors to get on board, not let health crisis linger another 50 yrs.
15. @mybrother do you guys have more time off this summer?
16. @mybrother yea no worries. I would never deprive you of the meaning of life if I found it. Hahahaaaaaa.
17. @mybrother I’m headed to the library later, but if I can’t find it I’ll probably get it on Amazon and pass it along to you
18. @mybrother be safe & Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
19. @mybrother are you headed back?
20. @mybrother well and he understands the importance of running away….plus like the “big picture”


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