All I Wanted to do is Dance

Who’s feeling sorry now?
Just when I thought I knew how
The man with the master plan
Let it all slip through my hands.

Hahahaha. There is no plan. I made one. Kind of. Well, I did. Why did I make this plan? To be a responsible adult.

Blown to smithereens. Yup.

So, now I get to laugh. And roll with it. Really what else is there to do? I could be upset. I could get angry. I could cry. But then, I’d miss out on the Dodger game tonight and my chai latte this afternoon and looking for my memory somewhere in between. And I’d miss out on throwing another plan into the scrap pile. Plus, it’s honestly kind of fun to draft an entire new plan….that’s probably why I do them. Plus, I get to turn this song on and dance around my apartment.

How could this happen to me?
I had it all worked out to a T.
Went through it with a fine-toothed comb….

Oh, the minor setbacks in this fabulously fun thing we call life. Some days it really makes me smile.

(lyrics from the Los Lobos)


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