More Tales from 4th Grade, Trevor Ariza, Motorcycles and 'She Drives Me Wild'

I had to laugh at myself this week because this sentence actually came out of my mouth: “Remember that we’re using our quiet footsteps in the hallway.” Even as I write it down, I laugh. Mostly because I don’t know where it comes from! It’s almost like some sort of bizarre instinctual teaching thing.  It’s funny because if it wasn’t for the double dutch and constant running around, I think I would be in love with this age group. Unfortunately, I feel that at 27, I’m somehow way too old to keep up.

Much to my mother’s disappointment, Trevor Ariza is rumored to be traded from the Lakers. How she ever thought I would marry someone who went to UCLA is beyond my comprehension. Doubly beyond my comprehension is her thinking that I would marry an NBA player. Knowing me, I’d end up with some NBA player’s bitter older brother who laments some injury he had in 7th grade and who  now lives in the shadow of his star little brother. Purely speaking hypothetically, of course.

I’m about half way through with “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and I’m fairly certain that I want a motorcycle. I have also learned that someone that I pretty much love more than life itself also wants a motorcycle. He has said point-blank, however, that he will not share it because (and this is a direct quote) “no one would ever lend their motorcycle to you because you’re crazy.” Right.

They released a portion of Michael Jackson’s rehearsal from a couple nights before he died. And it’s quite unfortunate the tape shuts off where it does because I’m almost certain the intro to “She Drives Me Wild” can be heard at the tail end of the video. I always considered that to be the modern version of “The Way You Make Me Feel” for a lot of reasons, and I would love to hear that portion of the video at some point.

Ah, my plans for tomorrow have me way too excited. Here’s to disappearance!


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