I lie when I say I’m not a disciplined person. I’m only undisciplined when it comes to things like chocolate, potato chips and coffee. And even then, if I truly decide to, I can become quite disciplined.

That’s truly the case with anything I do.

It’s been a long time since I’ve studied for anything. And it’s been never since I’ve studied for a standardized test. I never studied for the SAT or the CBEST or the GRE the first time I took it. I bought a book for the GRE the first time around, and I think  I opened it twice. Then, I probably got bored or decided the test was stupid.

Maybe I still think that. Ok, I still do think that. But I also want to break the 90th percentile in the verbal analogy section.  So I have committed to going through each and every word in this nifty book of mine.

I bought index cards for this. Seriously.

I shuffled through the first 100 that I made at the gym this morning. It’s taken me six hours to get through “A.” Oh, how I wish I was kidding. Who knew there were so many words that begin with A that I do not know the meaning for?

I’m now in a coffee shop, sitting across from the communications crew from the Grammy Museum. They look like they’re having a lot more fun than me. They’re proofing their monthly newsletter. Lucky.

And as I sit here, I realize that I have bad study habits. I always have. I blame my parents (seriously). At the same time, I thank them because I never missed anything fun because I had to study. Music. Baseball games. Conversations. Had them all and still was a pretty good student.

So, I have an iPod, am answering email, stopping to write cover letters and submit resumes and then resuming my studies.

On to….the “B”s….


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