Where are they now? Raul Mondesi Version

Rijo’s opponent for the mayoral seat is another former big leaguer, Raul Mondesi.

I guess this post could also start with “Where are they now? Ben Maller Version.” Although, I’m sure he hasn’t disappeared over the past ten years or so. I just remember listening to his radio show faithfully with my brother. Now, I find him on Twitter and a short blurb this morning about Rijo running for major of a Domincan town. Against….Raul Mondesi.

So, of course, I had to Google Mondesi, and I came up with this Washington Post story.

Mondesi is one of those players that I often wonder about. Where did he go? What does he do now? Can he still throw a guy out at home plate from right field?

He was a family favorite. My youngest brother named a pet after him. But, unlike his teammates, he’s been hard to keep track of. I see Eric Karros on sportscasts now. Mike Piazza makes the news from time to time. But Mondesi has pretty much disappeared.

It pretty much made my morning to know that he’s alive and kicking. And could perhaps be the next mayor of San Cristobal. Very, very cool.


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