Extreme Home…

In the last two days, I’ve spent about 15 hours in the sun, helping my brother and sister-in-law tear up their front and back yards. I completely appreciate their vision so I was happy to help.

I think we ended the day with all 1500 square feet of the grass in their back yard torn up and put into trash bags. There was dirt everywhere. Every. Where. My feet, which were covered by socks and shoes, were caked in dirt. My face, my arms, my eyelids. It was pretty intense. I’m not going to lie, though. I thoroughly enjoy playing in the dirt.  Plus, I think I probably got one of the best ab workouts of my life. I can tell by how incredibly sore I am. Well, not just there, but my arms, legs, and back as well.

I’m writing this part as the “before” of this before and after story that I said I would send to HGTV when they’re done.

The tilled aftermath....

The tilled aftermath....

Trash bags galore...what used to be grass.

Trash bags galore...what used to be grass.

My favorite part!

My favorite part!

Me & the little one, covered in dirt.

Me & the little one....

My wrist...ick.

My wrist...ick.

Part II of the Extreme Home Makeover coming up…..


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