Salad, The First

The New York Times recently published a list of 101 simple salads for the summer. I flagged it when I first saw it, and have been waiting to try out some of them. Part of me would like to say that I’m going to try to make all 101, but I know that will only breed slightly obsessive behavior about completing them all.

CIMG5705My butcher asked me what I was making for dinner, as he always does. I told him about the list, and said I was going to work my way through parts of it and just needed various ingredients. He asked if I had heard about the new movie, Julie & Julia. I have and actually want to see it. He started laughing and said that I sounded like the movie. I guess I kind of did. He made my day!

So, this is the first one. It sounds like an odd combination of ingredients but it has a light and fresh taste. It mixes sour with sweet perfectly and I actually liked it a whole lot.

Tomato and peach wedges. Red onion slivers. Dressed with olive oil, lime juice and red pepper.

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