Salad #2

I scrolled down the list of the New York Times 101 simple salads, past the vegan and vegetarian section I was in yesterday to something with protein. I CIMG5726figured after forcing myself to the gym (yes, forcing) and not having eaten all day, some protein was in order.

This was another very simple salad. I realized that my favorite thing about these recipes is that they aren’t really recipes, per se. They’re just a list of ingredients. So, you’re kind of left to your own devices to make it what you want it to be (sounds exactly like me!).

This one is tuna, apples, red onions, seedless grapes, olive oil, black pepper and cumin.

I used gala apples and green grapes for my version. I like cumin a lot and was pleasantly surprised with the way it tastes on grapes! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a tuna salad without mayonnaise so it was nice to learn that not only is it possible but you can still get a very good tasting salad out of it!

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