I have fallen into an abyss of online games.

Once upon a time it was Bejeweled and Collapse that would keep me engaged for hours. They were like my modern Tetris.

In fact, now that I bring up Tetris that’s probably where this all started. Tetris and Zelda. The first time I was unemployed in my adult life was early 2004. I was living with my parents, and I remember clearly my mom leaving for work in the morning, and I would be playing in the living room. Tetris. She would come home, finding me pretty much in the same position, my brain fried and still playing Tetris.

When I was teaching, it was Collapse. During my off periods, of course. I would play for an hour at a time. I remember my supervisor walking in one day, and asking what the heck I was doing. I showed him, and he laughed and shook his head. “I guess we all need an escape,” is what he said.

Then, when I had an office job, I discovered the “Dash” series. Diner Dash was my favorite. I was mesmerized. The problem with that was that I played it at home, too.

It’s funny because I remember having summers off when I was a teacher. I would watch TV all day. Now, my television is hardly ever on. I watch an hour of SportsCenter at the gym, and an hour of “The Nanny” at midnight every night. In between, there’s music and a lot of silence.

I had two Playfish game accounts that I touched once a day, updating what I felt like and pretty much letting pets and plants and crops die.

Now, that I sit here, writing cover letters for hours at a time and compiling writing (or writing new writing) for portfolios, Playfish has become somewhat of an obsession.

I now have four different games to keep up with: a restaurant game, Pet Society, Planet something or other, and some farming game called Country –something. I don’t know their names. I just realized how insane they are when I spent 2 hours the other night redecorating my pet’s home in Pet Society.

Clearly, clearly, I need to focus……but as someone once said……we all need an escape.

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