Dreams & Imagination

I just saw a picture for the first time.

And I dreamt it a couple of years ago. I dreamt it so vividly that I was able to draw it. In my mind, I can see it now. Then, to see this picture. It’s real. In the dream, I didn’t know where it was. But I could see it all. I could see the houses and the streets and the school and the trees and the porches.

It’s from a place I’ve been many times, but the dream is of a lifetime ago.

So, it made me wonder. Can you feel the soul of something so deeply that you can see it? Or can your imagination dream up something from a lifetime of stories?

It’s strangely calming. And strangely inspiring.

When I had the dream, it came complete with a great story. I started to write it. The plot is done. The characters sketched out. Just needs to be written. Maybe the picture was simply a gentle nudge to write it down.

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