As is normally the case when I’m supposed to be grading a stack of essays, I decided to revamp my blog a little. And, by revamp, I mean shut it down. The original “Watchtower” is now offline, but I decided to do that only after setting it to private last night. I realized that authorizing readers was going to be a pain. So, I did a little research and found that it is remarkably easy to move a WordPress blog from one place to another.

With stricter security settings, a private Twitter account, and the removal of my last name in the address, here is my “new” but old blog.

I realized last week when one of my students told me “you’re really easy to find” that I needed to clean up my online identity. That’s not to say that there’s anything out there that’s inappropriate, but I do enjoy a relative amount of privacy. Plus, for those who insist upon googling me after I’ve asked to be left alone, I’m hoping this will help somewhat.

At any rate, major kudos to WordPress for making this so simple!

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