Eric Gagne & We’re 2 Weeks Away!

Eric Gagne is one of those players who is a baseball “forgive-all” for me. Okay, maybe that’s extreme. But for a team that routinely lets go of players I love, I think it’s good news that we finally get one back–before he’s 45.

And for my second exaggeration, this would have been like signing Mike Piazza back in 1999. I would have considered it an act of reconciliation for having my heart ripped out by Bob Graziano and his Fox cronies.

Signing Gagne to a minor league contract, however, was not the most important news from this week in Dodgerland. Jamie McCourt’s increased monthly support request was, I think, perfect timing. Two weeks before the spring season opens up, she ups the ante. To a remarkable darn-near-$1-million per month. Personally, I would have taken the $300,000 a month and asked Frank to sign a starting pitcher, but he didn’t marry me, unfortunately–for all of Los Angeles.

I think, though, for the second spring in a row, I’m most interested in seeing what Clayton Kershaw looks like this spring. I’m hoping he’s recovered from his 2009 off-season, gotten some rest, and some perspective.

And to round out my interests for the spring–Blake DeWitt, A.J. Ellis, and James McDonald.

Happy almost-Spring Training!

I’ve seen better…

days? Or is it weeks?

I don’t know. I consider myself to be a strong person. Actually, I pride myself in being a strong person. I often say, jokingly with a huge smile, to my good friend, “Half the people I know couldn’t do what I do for one day let alone every single day.”

Okay. So, that statement is usually a profanity-laced tirade, but that’s the gist of it.

Part of my strength, I think is that I know when I’m worn. And at this point, I will very willingly say I’m not only worn out but weary.

I spent last week’s three-day weekend in a silent meditation. It was an evaluation of sorts. Of where I’m at. Where I’d like to be. I made some decisions, thought logically about things, and put a plan into motion.

The weight of two days hit me on Wednesday afternoon as I could quite literally feel that I should not be driving as my arms and legs shook from the sheer exhaustion.

And the entire week hit me today as my now good friend walked up a short flight of stairs with me, saying that we should create a YouTube show. As she listed all of the things that are funny about our cosmically intertwined lives, I started laughing–a laughter that faded into another moment where the weight of the week fell upon me.

“When you say it like that–all in one little space–all in order, it sounds really, really awful.” I think my voice was so quiet, I scared her.

The strange thing is that at the exact same time, I became acutely aware that I’m damn good at what I do. It is so apparent to me that all of my hard work actually pays off, and that’s a good feeling. So I’m torn with labeling this as a “bad” week. It was fulfilling in its own right, but that fulfillment was positively exhausting.

But really…I’ve seen better weeks.