Obsessed. Yup, I am.

It all started when I came across this ESPN story about his desire to change his name. And I thought to myself, what a jackass. But in one of those awe-inspiring kind of ways.

See, the simple truth of the matter is not that I have a crush on the guy because I don’t. I truly don’t.  And really I’m not just denying that because I have admitted to even sillier crushes.

He’s just him. And hilarious while being himself.

Yes, I have asked him to marry me on Twitter three times now. And I have told everybody and their mother that I want to marry  him.

But the truth is….I want to BE him.

I want his name.

You see, I think with the name, I’d have the ultimate validation. He’s absolutely my hero. I’m really not joking on that one. To just be you and fly in the face of what everyone says about you, thinks about you, or all the fines that are imposed upon you to try to make you conform is just pretty freaking awesome.

And it’s exactly what I strive to be.


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