Adverb clauses to be exact.

I’ve never been so agitated by adverb clauses in my life. The lesson–which was planned–turned into a symbol of a very bad week. After my meltdown on Wednesday, I sat through an assembly where a PowerPoint was riddled with grammatical errors that I had JUST taught in my classes. When I went back to teach the last two classes, I was fuming. And I was so upset that you would have thought my poor students had been responsible for the atrocities.

(And with that last sentence, I realize that I just had a really bad week and this will be the last moment I bring it up.)

So, we proceed to a memo handed out to all students on Friday. Seven. Count them seven mistakes of the same type. There was a small (okay, large) part of me that wanted to ask my students to proofread the letters.


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