teacher evaluations

All of the students were asked to choose one of the four school-wide learning goals (learn, serve, live, love). They were asked to write which was most apparent in each class and give reasons why. These are the first set from my 11th grade English class…

I was able to develop positive self-worth and emotional well-being because Ms. S is my favorite teacher.

I developed the skills of learning and serving because this is what my teacher has taught me–to want to learn and to serve others by taking responsibility for my actions.

In Miss S.’s class I have mastered the goal of learning. I feel that I have developed my critical thinking skills and kindled my academic curiosity. I’m sad it’s over.

I learned to develop strong topic sentences and body paragraphs. This class has helped me become a more creative writer.

This year I have mastered learning. I demonstrated academic curiosity throughout this year because I actually enjoyed the course. I did appreciate how Ms. S taught us, and she is the best English teacher at SMA.

I have learned a lot of things in this class. I could honestly say Ms. S has been the best Literature teacher I’ve ever had.

In American Lit, I struggled with my writing skills, but with the proper notes and help from Ms. S, it was easy.

I demonstrated all of the goals in this class. Miss S. is the best teacher EVER!

I developed academic curiosity when Ms. S helped me open my mind to different types of literature.

In this class, we embodied learning when we were challenged to analyze and critically think about stories we read in class and write essays analyzing the stories.

I have learned the most that Ms. S is a great teacher and my grammar and writing skills are great thanks to her.

Miss S. taught me to think harder to break things down and to write better essays.


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