signs all around us

I think the answers truly came in a 3-year period, but in a two-week period, they all appeared in one fell swoop. As I write this, I have to laugh because the first time something like this happened, I was completely terrified. This time, I think I was so worn down with what wasn’t working, that I was relieved by the signs–and the eventual beginning of the answer.

I’m trying to think about the best way to write this out. I did it in a chronology of a friend with side notes about what they all mean, but that was truly an attempt to give a condensed version. I think I’d rather go sign by sign and explain them all. I’ve already done a couple of them, so it won’t be too hard to finish.

At any rate, the signs (in order of appearance):

the lizards
St. Jude
the May crowning
the tattoo of St. Teresa
3 a.m. texting session
R.S. (my coworker)
the Interior Castle
Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist
the desert
the dream about hiking
el Santo Niño
my great-grandma
the dream about the angel
St. Jude (again)

The best part is if this were a diagram, they would all intertwine. The arrows would create a mess of associations and relationships. AND the other best part is that all of these signs have appeared before on multiple occasions. In fact, the only thing I think that was truly different about this time was that so many came together all at once.


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