writing on writing: part five

Two things today:

First, I finished my handwritten notes on my draft yesterday. I’m not going to lie. It was a little painful. I wanted to do it by hand, though, because I figured it would give more honor to the process. Obviously, words written on a computer screen are still words. But words written by a pen seem to tap more into the soul. It involved a lot of post-its and a lot of flipping back and forth. I learned a few things about myself:

  • I prefer the writing process to the rewriting process.
  • My story isn’t half bad.
  • I fidget a lot.
  • I do have a certain amount of discipline.
  • I have somehow found people who actually make me focus.

At the point that I was completely whining, one of my friends asked how much I had left. 37 pages, I said. And my head hurts. His response was pretty simple: stay focused and you’ll be done in no time. So, I shut everything down and powered through the last three hours of the note-writing on those 37 pages. It felt good to be done. My writing partner had asked me the night before what my ETA was on the second draft, which will also be the draft he gets a copy of, and I said…soon. He laughed, but the second the handwritten notes were done I sent him an email promising a completed second draft by next Tuesday. Here’s hoping.

Second, now that the dust has settled on ending my full-time teaching career, both for myself and the people around me, I have been telling people what my plans are. I told my aunt, and she sent me a message that pretty much made my day:

I’m excited about your writing activities. Your grandfather loved to write.  He actually always wanted to be a writer but his life never led him in that direction. He would be proud of your skills and desire. Circle of life or something like that.

That makes me smile. And helps me to understand more about what I’m doing and what my dreams have been about.



  1. I love this post! So much truth, especially in the statement “But words written by a pen seem to tap more into the soul.” Very profound. I can relate to your experiences in teaching and writing; I hope to hear of your success in the future! Thanks for sharing.

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