when words lose meaning

We used to say all the time “un—be—lievable.” With some sort of odd inflection that was reserved for only the two of us. Then, about March we determined that the word had lost all meaning. Yet, we continued to say it.

On Wednesday, I said four times, “Wow you (it/that) just made my day!” And I wholeheartedly meant it each and every time.

I was thinking yesterday evening though as I thought it for the third time that it was going to lose meaning. But maybe it won’t. Or maybe the words will, but I’ll still have the same great feeling of having my day being made.

So, here goes (from yesterday)…

Logging onto gchat to find a friend who’s living in Botswana online. I am always struck by his humility, and it was the perfect start to the day.

Running into a friend on the street as I walked home from the market. His “infomercial” for the Grand Canyon made me laugh so hard. We must have been quite a spectacle standing on the street, laughing. But it’s moments like that where the connection of souls is way to strong to care.

And baseball with my brothers. I just about fell out of my chair with their bitterness. Their rants. Our arguments on “whose fault it really is.” And “google it! Google it! Google it!”

So, no. I don’t think the words lose their meaning at all!


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