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Cobra Bow Tie by The Canine Gospel. But it was a close tie with Boogie Man by the same band.

The write-up is for another time because I’ve only listened to their demo about eighteen times today, and that’s not nearly enough for an adequate opinion. (I’m totally serious about that.)

But suffice it to say, I have a total love affair with electric guitars. And this band is my new crush.


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  1. Hi, Jana! This is the drummer for The Canine Gospel, Sally Pickett. I’m glad you like our stuff 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that if you download the whole album off of, you’ll get the full 6 tracks, one extra “bonus” track that’s not listed in the individual song list, called Dead Man’s Hands. Here’s the link
    Oh yeah, IT”S FREE

    Are you in the Los Angeles area? We have 7 shows this month. Details are posted up on our Reverbnation page

    Rock on!!

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