so this girl walks into a bar…

…and the entire trajectory of her life is changed.

It seems silly. Strange, even, to say. But it’s so true. And I know it because the girl is me.

It’s not been about the food or the drinks or the late nights of tear-inducing laughter. It’s been about destiny and friendship. The thing that happens when two kindred spirits cross paths in ways that are unexplained. When doors open. When thoughts are revealed. And challenges are issued.

When I was very young, it was very hard for me to say goodbye. It’s not so bad now. I made it all the way home tonight after saying goodbye without crying at all. It wasn’t until now that the tears started to flow.

Probably a little out of selfishness. The friend who has become a sounding board for my ideas, for my frustrations. Who has shared my dreams. Who has encouraged me. Who has pushed me to make the jump that I wanted to so many times in the past six years. Who has watched the first months of that jump and encouraged still as it has been a struggle.

And I’ve known all the while that it would end. I knew it would because at the same time I was encouraging his jump, and his jump is sending him to the other side of the world.

So, yes, there is sadness in me right now. To not see his smiling face every week will be hard. But at the same time, he has touched my soul so deeply and brought about such positive change that I know I carry a part of him within me. So, he’ll never be very far from me. And our pacts, pledges, promises to each other. I know that they will be part of me still.

I hope that our paths cross again. I truly do. But I will say this. My life has truly been changed for the better because of the presence of an amazing advisor, editor, shaman, brother, and friend.


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