things I’ve learned in the past few days

  1. People–myself included–like habits. Especially those that revolve around food. Disrupting planned dinners throws everyone off.
  2. People in their twenties are self-absorbed. So said one friend. Fortunately, this statement was deftly deferred by another friend saying, “oh, he means, you’re like a sponge.” Thank you.
  3. What was is not what is. The comparisons are interesting but not helping my conscience issues.
  4. There are some bonds in life that can never be broken. Regardless of contact or communication.
  5. Not eating meat is not that hard at all. (My favorite find of the last two days: Ahi tuna burger! Yes, in a patty. And yes, it was amazing!)
  6. Good moods breed better good moods. And even when I’m tired and worn out, most of that is not diminished.
  7. And finally, those plastic water bottle things. They can shatter. Yup. If you drop a plastic, Neoprene water bottle that you bought in Gila on a ceramic tile floor–shatter, shatter, shatter.

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