ah, baseball…

The end of the Dodger season always makes me a little sad. It even made me sad this year even though I’ve known the season was over for about two months.

It’s kind of like Vin Scully says, “it used to be just another season over, but now it feels like the passing of another year.” And that’s exactly it. It’s the ultimate sign that Fall is here, and that long days of sunlight are over.

It’s also the time of the year for the “we should…”

We should…buy season tickets.
We should…spend the whole month of spring training in Arizona.
We should…buy the team. (HAHA! Although, I did read yesterday that Janice Hahn proposed the public sales of stocks, which would be awesome.)

As always, it’s not just about the game. It’s about having 25 players on your mind for 162 days. It’s about the people I go to games with. It’s about the texting marathons during games.

It’s just a simpler way of life. Reminds me of my summers as a kid. And I think it’s cool that something like baseball can pretty much make that last forever.

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