in 2010, I…

…learned that I could teach girls.

…learned what it felt like to do a job that presented no challenges, that was a form of drudgery, and sapped the life out of me.

…made a friend who I could laugh with for hours. Usually at work. And we usually cried.

…got fired for the first time.

…turned 28.

…enjoyed months of baseball and learned that my youngest brothers love the game more than I do.

…spent 6 months of Friday nights talking until three in the morning, walking home with you and almost getting hit in the intersection at 3rd St. nearly every single time, and reawakening my dreams through your questions.

…hit a $4 balance in my bank account three days before my rent was due.

…climbed more trees.

…saw the most successful wedding season of our company history with my best friend.

…focused on discipline.

…made myself run. And run. And run.

…wrote the draft of entire novel.

…took a class to help me write a mystery novel—something I did for the first time when I was 12!

…remembered how much I love to write.

…visited Pittsburg, KS for the first time.

…started to work from home.

…really began to revel in solitude.

…eliminated 75% of my personal debt.

…read like there was no tomorrow.

…discovered Paulo Coelho.

…started to listen to my dreams again. The actual dreams of my sleep.

…started to pray to St. Jude again.

…was a vegetarian for 4 months.

…actually gave out my phone number—twice.

…realized how much I missed you.

…took a job for money.

…remembered all of the fun parts of teaching.

…still didn’t buy a new pair of work shoes.

…survived the fourth substantial period of unemployment of my adult life.

…loved you.

…loved the person I have become.


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