in 2011, I …

…will turn 29! A fact that makes me very excited because it will be one year away from 30. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world (or only girl—yup, still girl) who is excited to turn 30. But so be it.

…might possibly join Or maybe eharmony. Or maybe both. Why you ask? For two reasons. One, I think filling the profile will be downright funny. Two, my mom would be happy. I like making my mom happy.

…will post the list of rules that has been saved as a draft here for a couple of months. Rules. Yup, I’ve got ’em. Along with questions. There are two, you know.

…more likely than not disappear at some point. Someone will ask me if I’m okay. Probably through multiple platforms. I probably still won’t respond. For a few days after I resettle into my normal life, I’ll have this small twinge of guilt, but eventually I’ll realize that I don’t care. If I cared, I’d stop doing it.

…will cry at a baseball game. There’s just no way around that one. I’m predicting that it will involve Clayton Kershaw, but really I’m not a psychic.

…will dream of my grandmothers. I will share the sunrise with my grandmother sitting on a dock on a lake in Central California. She’ll tell me that she loves me, and I’ll know that everything is perfect in my world.

…will meet an angel. He/She will hand me a book or tell me something or give me a hug at the exact moment that I need it. And everything will change.

…will be grateful. The beauty of my life will continue to overwhelm me. All of the little things in life will be awe-inspiring and people will think that I’m childish. That will make me smile.

…will not make detailed plans. Ever. I just can’t do it. I’ll make decisions when I want to about what I want to. I won’t worry about where the money will come from or how I’ll pay my bills. And I’ll always be okay.

…will find a way to push myself. My brain or my body will be put to the test.

…will laugh an awful lot. Mostly at myself. Sometimes at you, but mostly I’ll find humor in everything I do and everything that happens “to” me.

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