the Simplicity project & excitement

I’ve decided to start a Simplicity project this week. I kind of had this idea in my head, and I figured that I couldn’t have been the first person to think of it. So, I looked it up and someone blogged about this idea of only owning 100 items. I almost gave up upon reading that line, but then as I read further, I learned it didn’t apply to books.

My home isn’t dirty. It’s just cluttered. And often, I think that it mirrors my brain. I’ve cut out so much excess in the past six months that I think it’s time to do the same with things. Plus, the last two times I’ve spent time with a friend I’ve just made, I’ve marveled at how pristine her home is. And as I thought about it the last time I saw her, I was thinking it wasn’t lack of dirtiness. It was just lack of “stuff.” I’m hoping that this week will be the start.

I’m not sure what my magic number is going to be. I’m thinking 100 might be good.

In a totally unrelated aspect of life, I have a low-grade excitement in me right now.

It’s nice.


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