two goals

For the week:

  1. Another week of no Facebook. I was kind of thinking about it when the whole $50 billion news came out. That truly disgusts me. But there’s a weird part of me that thought I’d be “missing” something. So, I just decided to disable almost everything in my profile and just not log in. It worked nicely last week. So, I’m going for week 2.
  2. Double days at the gym. I’m just annoyed. I made so much progress before I started double full-time work, and it’s all been destroyed. (Progress on what? Honestly, part of it is weight loss. I really want to get something I painted tattooed across my side, but I refuse until I have visible muscles in my abs.) That plus, I’m running 3-4 miles easily so I figure I can add something in there. Just for a week…(famous last words).
  3. (Revised @ 11: 09 p.m.) I forgot an important one! Seven hours, ten minutes of sleep a night!

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