an even 18

That’s the exact amount of miles I’ve run in the last four days. Now, I’d love to be able to say: “Wow, it’s been so easy that I could just go out right now and do another 5.” So, I’ll just be honest:


  • It honestly does feel good to be able to say that I’ve run 18 miles in four days. That’s beyond some sort of personal record as Runkeeper tells me.
  • I’m alternating outdoor and treadmill runs. I’m happy to say that the transition to outdoors hasn’t been bad at all. And even happier to say that my treadmill runs are now an easy 5 miles and all under an hour.
  • I haven’t been out of breath in any of my runs.
  • On my steady runs, I have my pacing down to about a 10:15 mile , which is almost where I want to be.


  • Today was the shortest of the four days, and it hurt every single moment. (Back to a pro: even through the pain, I still averaged an 11 minute mile.)
  • I’m bruised up. Well, okay, one of those bruises came from my clumsiness, but it’s on my leg so it affects this process.
  • I probably need new shoes, which affects that I’m not going to buy another pair of shoes this year (school year) rule.
  • I need a second workout. Which…haha…reminded me that I really started to run because of  “Alex Santiago” (actually a fictional character from Resurrection Blvd.) because I want to take up boxing. So maybe…

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